the first easter in my life

hi everyone!

this is the english translation of this article for japanese language learner.

It was the first time that i join the party of easter in my life today!
although ive heard easter before, i actually didnt know what it is. i thought it was the holidays when people draw a picture on eggs and post on SNS lol

finally ive celebrated easter today, on sunday!
i did with my gf and her fams.
we cheered with saying "felices pascuas!", which means happy easter.
I had 2 chickens with ham and cheese and salads after cheering. I felt that Italian imigrants effected food again in argentina haha
even i already felt full by 2 chickens, the next deseart arrived...!!
i killed the feeling that im not able to eat anymore, and had that.
the name of pan is rosca de pascua, it is a sweet pan.
means circle of easter.

aparently some house put one boiled egg on this pan. that's unexpectable lol

And finally... the chocolate egg...!!
this choclate was way big, more than 10cm.
although all stores sell this kind of big choco-egg, my gf's fam made those chocolates at house. They decorated pretty cute.

We smashed the chocos before we started to eat, which surprised me
I thought i'd have the chocos directly by mouth lol

Awwww i cant break this choco (pretending to be a chick)

yes, its totally broken.  Everyone smashed those eggs really hard.
it was fun to break, i felt my childhood lol
it's gonna be dramatic if you say "good by, mr. my little chocolate"
in your mind

btw there are more chocolates after smashing the big chocolate...!!
damn, gonna be diabetes for sure... in  my mind, however, once i had them, it was delicious chocolates lol

we were too full to finish this amount of chocolate in a day, so everyone bring the chocolates back to their room lol

i also might finish them by the end of today, maybe

those were what my first easter's experiences.
Easter's dates change every year, i was in japan while the last year one because it was the end of march. This event amused me well.
So here is my room-mate bunny related with easter

see you next!

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