We went to the restaurante in puerto madero for my gf's BD

This blog is translated from japanese.
The link is below.

誕生日のお祝いにLa Bisteccaへ

The ritual of BD in argentina is here.

I'd introduce the restaurante we went last night to clebrate my gf's BD.

We went to La Bistecca last night.
It's in puerto madero, similar as yokohama in japan.
I chose there cuz the FB group ppl recommend there.

The reason why it's famous is the buffet style!
I like buffet style.
Im able to have as much as i can.
for me as a small eater, it's good cuz i can adjust how much i eat lol
not because i can eat A LOT lol
i know that then you will say "eat at house" haha

We went to a good steak restaurante on my BD last year but it was too much for both of us as small eaters lol
So this time we decided to go to buffet style restaurant.

As a result, it was good call
the foods you can eat on the buffet menu are belows.
vegetables, salads, fruits and sushi such as you can see in japan also.
plus many kind of hams, cheeses, potato omlets and pastas as argentina-tic lol

I mainly pick hams and cheeses lol
all the pics are on the link below.

There are many kinds of hams and cheeses, so i pick all of them that looks delicious.
There are also cheeses on tomates,
My dish of firtst time is almost hams and cheeses lol
The brown color balls in the middle are like kara-age, japanese fried chicken, it remains me of japan foods a lil.

There are million vegetables but this time i ignored them totally.
Just pick a lil tomates and corns with guacamole haha

And Sushi.
we say shiisuu.

Most sushi are rolled type one.
I was so relieved not to see any weird sushi there haha.
There are million wtf-sushi in oversea lol

Idk if the wasabi here is really strong or i just put a lot of it, the wasabi was really strong and made my nose open strongly haha

Sushi taste ok.
Not so far nor bad.

I saw a few young men who pick more than 30 sushi, im not able to have more than 7 sushi even one each are pretty small.
I just had 6 sushi lol

We were already full but tried to have chocolate fondue since I never had before lol

There are fruits and sweets around choco fondue.
The frutes are such as bananas, pineapples, melons, oranges and apples.
The sweets are such as tiramis. brownie, and something sweet pan.

Adding chocolate on sweets...?
avoided that to protect my sensitive stomach lol

I judged that i cant have sweets with chocolate, so i put on only fruits.
It suited on pineapples, apples and oranges but melons.
Melon taste like strong cucumber lol
I was sad that there were no strawberries.

I put choco a lil but others put a lot, i wanna try that richish playing next time lol

The price there is 1000 pesos(62 USD)  for two people including 2 cokes.
31USD for one person.

The drinks are not including on the menu of buffet.
There are no juices.
Gas water, water, cokes and etc.
I had cokes that i dont drink usually.
I think they should have orange juice at least.
The restaurante looks elegante but there are kids also, so put it lol

We came back to house with full.

We took the remis, a security taxi.
When we leach around our place, there were no light on the streets.

I was really scared.
not by ghosts but criminals lol

The electricity came back 1h later tho.
It was lucky cuz it was supposed to get back the next day's noon haha
The candles are essential here haha

One of characteristic of buenos aires is bad infrastructure.
hope they get improved one day.

alright, see you next!

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