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Today is my gf's birthday.

We had a ritual(lol) of her birthday as soon as the date change into with her and her fam.

The birthday one (my gf) sat on the seat, and the fam and i grab her ears and shaked it while counting numbers.
when the number reaches her age, we strongly shake her ears.

for example, for me, 1,2,3,4,5,,,,25, and when you count 26 you strongly shake my ears like violently.

after that count the alphabets and hit her back.

while hitting the back,

We were really enjoyining it.

Generally this thing is for kids.
I mean for ear thing, even adults still do but not hitting the back.
Some fam keeps do, some doesnt.
The fam of my gf still does.

Honestly im shy to do this but i accept cuz i know this phrase "when in Rome, do as the Romans do" lol

and I asked many argentinas about this thing today.
Almost all adult men tend not to do this but some adult women do.

I think there are many people do this with their family because most argentina people live with their family unless they get married.
I never do this with my fam lol

My hometown is really countryside and i left there when i enter my univ.
I was so happy to leave lol
There are no stores for young people neither convenience stores in my hometown.
There were only 2 or 3 traffic lights there.

My class mates are 12ppl at elementally, 20 at junior, 70 at high school.
Super depopulated area.

Well, apart from that, we went to a restaurante to celebrate my gf's birthday.
We chose a buffet style restaurante this time.

I'll write about that next.

I just came back from there and had no electricity till now.

see you next time!

the next article is below link.
We went to the restaurante in puerto madero for my gf's BD

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