Renewal my passport!

hello everyone!

This is the english translation of this article.


I just try to translate directly without the contexts, so don't think, feel.

I went to Japanese embassy for Passport renewal the other day.
A lot of things happened around me.
I was a poor student when i apply my passport, so wasnt able to get 10years passport... lol

Japanese embassy is near puerto madero where is similar as Minato Mirai in yokohama, Japan.
You can renew your passport at 15F of the building.
It opens from 9 to 12, and from 2pm to 5pm weekdays.
I had a plan at 4:30 that day.

How long do you think it takes to renew the passport?
Here i am in Argentina, the quality of service is not good so much.

Of course not all places but mostly ive been having bad experiences here.
Workers make customers wait terribly.
I always wonder why they make me wait for that easy thing? Work well if you just chat with your co-workers.
Btw do you guys really need that amount of workers for that easy job?

They dont care about meeting time, i mean they always show up 20min later than they are supposed to be. And sometimes they would tell me "Hey today, we dont work anymore, come next time" even after they made me wait for more than 40min...

I was surprised at first but now i always think that yeah this is argentina, of course it happens when workers dont work or dont treat me well.
I guess most people get used to with this, so they do the same thing to customers when the people work. What the vicious circle of poor service.

Well, back to the topic haha

Anyway, I left my place just in case that day.
Took the bus and got off around the obelisco which is the symbol of buenos aires, and then i walked to the picture store.
Expected that they make me wait more than 1h cuz its argentine...
Eh? It just took 20min? Im SOOOO hAPpyyyy.

Aight, gonna japanese embassy! I still have tons times! Yeahhhh!
i realized something while i was walking on the way super happily.
I was really surprised how im idiot. I was going to japanese embassy to renew my passport but i didnt bring my passport with me...
Super idiot...
I guess it happened cuz i woke up late and was in a hurry. I had to prepare and have to bring a lot of documents and papers with me, and i totally forgot about my passport then...

Ok, I cant make it before 12:30 anymore, gonna come back afternoon!!
So i took the bus to my place.

On the bus, i saw a guy who looks like under 20 and a cougar were flirting
and a woman next to me has a tatoo which says 安.
安 means 'cheap' or 'safe'.
so i was thinking which means she has.
One can be Im a cheap lady, another Im a safe woman.

Argentina is the good entertainer.

Got home, and had salad, and I left for japanese embassy again!!
I checked my passport 4times on the way haha
im not so idiot to do the same mistakes.

Here I am, Japanese Embassy!!
Showed my passport to the receptionist, and arrived at 15F!

Well, I know even here is japanese embassy, im still in argentina, im ready to wait more than 2h.
Make me wait, MAKE ME WAIT, japanese embassy!! Show me your move!!
I'll wait no matter how you make me wait!!

It finished within 15min.
I was the first customer there and empty.
Just write the applying sheet and done.

Oh, i expected worse.

Anyway it was good finishing so fast.
I walk around the city since i still had time till my plan.
Found an incident.

2 guys were fighting in front of a store, and a police officer is there also.
Idk well but one of them was really mad at another.
A big guy was mad at another.
He was really mad, really...
this is a typical day in argentina.
Even everyone paid attention to them, they never care.
Their argentina ppl strong mental is a good point sometimes!!
im not trying to be disrespect lol

The fight finished when the big guy left his camera at store and left for somewhere.
And all people who was watching them also left there, including me.

And then I went to a mall near UBA, an univ.
Checked clothes but all clothes there were big for me, so didnt buy anything.
Well, today's story ends.well.

See you next time!!

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