【For Japanese Learner】Words in Japanese, with Spanish

Hi everyone!

Today I bring a topic for japanese learners.

Especially for japanese learners with spanish.
This is the website of my friend.

He introduces modern japanese words in spanish.

let's see.
from the link

① how do you say "the words" in japanese? 
② 近代オリンピック (きんだい)
"the words"  in japanese, the hiragana that inside of parenthesis is how to read the kanjis.
③ pronunciation for spanish speakers, it's not romanji of "the words".

*let's see one more example for this part.

from the link
He put リオデジャネイロ as Rio de dshaneiro for letting you pronounce close to japanese, it's not romanji of "rio de janeiro"
anyway "rio de janeiro" in romanji will be "rio de janeiro", no change though haha

once again, the last sentence with alphabet is for pronunciation, not as romanji of "the words".

If you already know how to read hiragana and katakana, just pronounce as them.
If not, follow his pronunciation explanations

The reason why I recommend this website is easy to see and good to know the pronunciation
Plus the words are newly and unique.

Let's make him update recently words by supporting, comments haha
I would also know how the japanese words say in spanish haha

Like about PC, Camera, phone stuffs.

Go to the link and check the words to study japanese!


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