It's been already 1year since i moved

hello everyone!

this is the translation of this article


We went to CAFETERIA with full dressed(lol) to celebrate for my 1year - living in argentina last saturday.

I still have an old-style concept that cafeteria =fashionating so it was a good place to celebrate us haha

There are million cafeterias in buenos aires.
This time we went to cafe martinez!!
It's chill at cafeteria, there are many seats for couples.
This is one of my favorite place.

You can have coffee with relax since there are no noisy people in a group.

made an effort to take a good picture to let you see the fashionating place and our orders lol

We order a comb at lunch time.
It includes one coffeem 2 media lunas, 2 chipas and some breads with strawberry jam, and it costs 180 argentina pesos. Orange juice also included.

Mostly orange juice and small cookies are included by a coffee set in buenos aires.

Media Luna means the half moon, came from the looking.
Well, its croissant actually but media luna is of course way sweeter than that cuz it's in argentina lol
It tastes soft cuz it's made of a lot of butter.

Chipa is a bread including cheese. CHEse PAn → CHIPA lol
the cheese makes it very good.
i'd like to share my chipa cooking experience next time.

Cafe martinez imports coffees from brazil, colombia, etc. and there are small meals like sandwiches and salads.
You can also have small cookies and alfajor if you are not hungry much.

I was with my gf, since we both are little eaters so this comb pretty made us feel full even we share them lol

Although Cafe-mar(abbreviation) has seats outside, which is nice, there is more fashionated sofa places in the inside most.
It's covered with mainly yellow panels and TV.

I wanted to get the white-can coffee, is original by cafe-mar, unfortunately it was sold out... this item will arrive this tuesday.
Next time we would get that for sure lol

There are a lot of Cafe-mar in the city cuz it's kind of a chain store like HAVANA and starbucks i guess.
Ive never been to HAVANNA, so next cafe place is gonna be there!

you guys need to check it out also

see you next!

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